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Click where you want to go, Click where you want to shoot. Avoid the Alien Tanks and the mines and survive as long as you can to get the Highest Score.

How to Play

----Left Click to Move to a position (if line in front turns Red then something is blocking your movement to that location.
----Right Click to fire in the position the turret is aiming (the turret follows your mouse but your mouse may be faster than the turret.
----Keep Moving. The white bar counts down when you stop, if it reaches zero you die.
----Avoid Mines. They won't hurt aliens but they will hurt you.
----Pickup Repair Kits only when you need them. There is a limited number of them and they spawn slowly over time.
----Get the Damage Boost. After a certain amount of time a Damage Boost will Drop. Pick this up to allow you to kill Aliens in one shot.
-----Beware the Night. After a certain amount of time the Time of day changes and enemies get harder to see.
-----Press Escape at anytime to Quit the game.

About the Game.

I was wandering if I could create a simple Click to Move style game so I started with a top down tank game. After I figured out the basics of the game I just started adding in more and more features untill I ended up with an almost infinite Shooter Game.

Updates & FIxes


  • Broken Points when Timed Out (was randomly adding 1000-7000 pts)
  • Changed Floor Texture to better make use of  lighting
  • Changed Enemy Shots to Glow more at night 
  • Added Sound to Warn you when Movement Timer is About to Expire
  • Fixed Enemies Being one Hit kill without PowerUp
  • Set Repair Kits to Heal 100% (originally was doing 25-50?)


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